Assertion Based Verification

Assertions are a very powerful, concise and precise mechanism to specify temporal properties. assertD offers ABV services for SW.

Through this service an assertion suite is developed and deployed for the verification of your SW.

The deliverables include:

  • Study of the SW specification
  • A verification plan that contains
    • A set of assertions
    • A strategy to utilize them
  • Implementation of the assertions
  • Deployment in your test plan according to the strategy above
  • Packaging and documentation of these assertions for regression run

You should consider using assertions when your SW exhibits one of the following characteristics

  1. Is multi threaded
  2. Is mission critical
  3. Contains control code or state machine code
  4. Contains complex data structure algorithms
  5. Has performance requirements that need to be verified.
  6. Requires high quality assurance

Contact assertD and we will explore with you the applicability and necessity of using assertions in your project